Why Polyurethane Glues

Polyurethane glues have gained wide acceptance because of several advantages over traditional polyvinyl glues, often referred to as yellow, or wood glues:

Low foaming – Bolder Bond is the only polyurethane glue on the market specifically formulated to limit foaming. That means less clean up, less mess. This is the most typical complaint of other polyurethane glues. Watch our low foaming demonstration.

Stands up to the weather – Unlike wood glues, Bolder Bond is 100% water proof. It can be applied in, and will not fail under, severe weather conditions.

Dissimilar surfaces – Bolder Bond is perfect for bonding to dissimilar surfaces of most materials. Can even be used to bond rubber products such as the soles of running shoes.

Working time – Too often other glues start to set-up before you can even apply clamps. With Bolder Bond you have 20-30 minutes to properly secure clamps and make sure the assembly is square.

No mixing – Two-part glues or epoxy require an extra step while Bolder Bond is ready to go right out of the bottle. Regular users know that poorly or insufficiently mixed two-part glues or epoxy rarely harden correctly. Eliminate the extra step and worry with Bolder Bond.

Environmentally Friendly

Bolder Bond and Bolder Wrap are environmentally friendly and emit no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the atmosphere.

VOC’s can damage soil and ground water while vapors from VOC’s contribute to air pollution.

Made in Boulder, Colorado, USA